Monday, 25 August 2008

Only Forward

20 hours writing last week, and more importantly, 26 pages of my rom com first draft. I was going to post about first drafts and stuff, but a) I’m too busy writing one, and b) The Arnopp covers it so well here. It’s a great reminder that you have to move forward and not worry too much if it’s a bit rough. (BTW Robin Kelly has great links for Romantic Comedy and Comedy articles)

I’m glad I read Sir Jason's ramblings when I did, cos my exploratory draft is way rough, but I am a script shark, moving relentless on towards the fade out. Oh yes I am. I’ve set a deadline of next Sunday to finish it, then I‘ll have a couple of to rewrite and polish for rise.
In over news, I got my feedback back from Lucy in her metlab hat, and it was good stuff - but (of course) it needs work. Working on multiple drafts for metlab have made me realise how unfocused I've been before - I've got loads of polished first drafts (and quiet a few second drafts) saved on my computer, but no scripts i've developed nearly as much as this. I always move on to something else.
So I've got another draft of that to do for metlab. And, on top of that, Danny Stack here has shamed me into going for Red Planet, so I'm reading a TV script a day from Lee's handy list here to prepare for that.

So I'd better get started!
Oh, and more details of the scribosocial here.

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