Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Scribosocial by the Sea 2008 - The Bournemouth Ultimatum.

We’re having an informal writers get together down here in Dorsetshire on Saturday the 13TH of September. Details of venue etc. TBC, but there will be drinking, merriment, and serious screenwriting discussions. But mainly drinking ;).

Some folks are even coming down from London Town and staying overnight, so all are welcome.

For more details, visit the facebook site here, e- mail me, or watch this space!


Michelle Goode said...

Is this a regular/semi-regular occurence? I'd be up for attending one when I'm back on British soil at some point, he he :)

martin said...

This is the first time down in Dorset Michelle, but there have been scribosocials B4 and no doubt will again.

Sal said...

Would be v lovely to meet up with bloggers and scribers I know only from the interweb, but I will be taking my one and only child to University that day and thus emptying my nest - so, perhaps some other time, and hope you all have a splendiferous weekend


Thanks for the invite, Martin!

Would have loved to come to meet everyone for real, but Mrs S, the Camels & I will away at a foreign Oasis at the time.

Love to come to the next one though!