Sunday, 25 May 2008

Watch this film

The Sorcerers is my new favourite film. It’s gothic horror set in swinging London -
a violent sci fi/horror about an old scientist (Boris Karloff) who invents a device that links his will with that of a young hipster (Ian Ogilvy) But as he and his wife (Katherine Lacey) control this actions, and experience what he experiences, they become addicted to the vicarious thrills. It easily transcends it’s exploitative (and to be honest, slightly daft) premise with sheer technical verve and the brilliant way it comments on the voyeuristic nature of cinema.

Director Michael Reeves only ever made one other movie - the equally stunning Witchfinder General - before his early death at the age of just 25. The documentary on the DVD makes mentions him in the same breath as Spielberg and Hitchcock, and they’re valid comparisons. Like both, Reeves was technically brilliant and a great manipulator. Like Hitch he had an ability to comment on human nature, and the nature of cinema, within the constraints of genre.

The comparison with Spielberg only serves to empathise what a tragedy his early death. At a similar stage of his career, Spielberg had made Duel and Sugarland Express - 2 really good little films, but just a taster of what was to come.

Monday, 12 May 2008

the god* ate my blog miss...

Okay, I said I’d blog again 'later in the week' last time, although to be fair in didn’t say which week. I have been finding the old writing hard this year - hard to find the time and motivation, what with the hassle of moving and life and stuff. The funny thing is, I never really lost confidence in my ability, but I went through a period where I began to question why I bother. I wasn’t enjoying the writing as much, I thought I’d rather watch a DVD or read a book, or have a nap.

But I‘m settled in the new flat now, and I’m back, back, back. I’m starting to enjoy the writing again, and that’s the main thing - cos lets face it, if it takes ten years to make it (if you do) then you‘d be a fool to keep doing it if you don’t enjoy it. And at least I kept plugging away at it when I didn’t - I‘ve almost finished the new outline of my next metlab draft now, and I‘m nearly ready to start yer actual writing. And at least it isn’t a page 1 rewrite like the last draft so it should be easier than the last draft (famous last words!)

Catching up on the old blogs it looks like a few of you have been through a rough patch writing wise recently too (and that‘s just the ones that are admitting it.) Everyone goes through it, but it’s how you cope with it that counts - as Churchill said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasms.”

Happy writing one and all, and keep on keeping on.

*bizzare typo left in for comic effect