Friday, 5 September 2008

Whoo who!

Did 30 hours writing last week (the bank holiday helped!) On course for 20 hours this week. But more importantly, I finished the exploratory draft of my rom com* (currently going by the slightly ropey working title of Summer Night)

I’d set myself the completely arbitrary deadline of last Sunday. That deadline whoosed meerily by, but I finally finished the draft Thursday. Partly cos I got stuck in the middle. Partly, I found something else to write (isn’t it amazing how having to write something fires you up with a burning passion for writing something else?? Tho I don’t have it as bad as the wonderful Paul Abbott) It was a script for an entry for this funky little graphic novel competition from the observer btw.

Summer Nights ain’t great. The tone is all over the place. The protagonist is the most boring character in it. The second act doesn’t work. The characterisation is inconsistent. Cos I was moving forward, I’ve occasionally left lines blank, I havent gone back and set up things I hadn’t realised I needed. I even threw in a completely new character who everyone knew on about page 60!

It’s rough as fuck, to be honest. But, I’m liking the characters, liking the humour. Loving the ending. After struggling through the second act, I caned the last twenty pages. I’ll have to see how it matures locked up in the script cupboard now. **

In other news, this week I have mainly been listening to Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour. There are two shows a week [one on Radio 2, one on 6 music] click on the links and you can listen to them on your computer! Really!! As the man himself says “music travels through the air, so it knows no boundaries”

As this clip proves! ***

*or is it a bromantic comedy?
** not actual cupboard
*** er, when I say 30 hours - there may have been some internet related slacking!


Robin Kelly said...

Thanks for the heads up about the R2 show. Do you think he really talks like that in real life?

"Bob, you've got to talk on the radio the way you sing or no-one will know it's you."

"But it's such a frightful chore, everso. I'd really rather not, don't you know."

martin said...

:) I'm sure he doesn't!!

Can you imagine how long it would take to have a conversation with him pro-nonce-ing every syllable, and randomlly exteeeeeenging some?

BTW - did you hear him doing blowing in the wind on the recorder?? Classic

Robin Kelly said...

Really? No, I didn't. I'm only a recent convert through being too lazy to get up and switch off after Guy Garvey.

martin said...

Dylan playing the recorder is on the days of the week show, currently avalible to listen again. it's just b4 wednesday week by the Undertones.

And I've discovered something even better than listen again - it's last fm, it's a sort of on line jukebox - like youtube for songs!