Saturday, 4 August 2007

Two Imposters

Through to the first round of the BSSC! Hooray!!!

Makes up for failing in the Nicholl, Bluecat, and being a scriptapa-loser, I supose.

After blowing my blog wad with a couple of long and rambling blogs, been a bit blogged out. I'm re-writing and polishing for SWS and Red Planet, and trying desperatly to cobble something together for the Digital Shorts program, as well as power of threeing and trying to do a draft for a graphic novel collaberation - there just arent enough hours in the day! And I dont even have a job!!

How does everyone else do it? When do you find the time to write? And how many hours do y'all do a week? I do 45-50 - but like I said, no job, so that's about the equivelant of doing a full time job (if you count commuting!)

Still, we love it don't we?

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Piers said...

When I'm on the board or doing a first draft, I do 2 hours after work every weeknight, and that gets me a first draft in two months starting from scratch.

Right now I'm polishing, so it's more like two hours a night three nights a week, plus another two or three at the weekend.