Wednesday, 15 August 2007


I need someone who is willing to read FOUR scripts!!! Ok, they’re only about 6-9 pages long each at the moment, so it’s only about 30 pages in total.

They’re for the Digital Shorts scheme - I‘m probably going to submit 2, so I need feedback on them and a recommendation as to which are the best.

I’m polishing at the moment, so I’ll be looking to send them out Friday evening.

Any takers?


I got the following e-mail from the nice people at the BSSC

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your interest in the British Short Screenplay Competition and your inquiry. First of all apologies for the delay in replying to you, your email was filtered out by our spam filter.

And now - many congratulations for qualifying to the first round! Well done!

We hope to publish the second round qualifiers by end of August and further rounds there after. Usually there are four qualifying rounds and then the semi-finalists. We will be sending out a newsletter to inform everyone when each round is published on the website.

I hope that helps and good luck in the next round.



The real far away said...

*deathly silence*

You know what I think? I think you just ask poeple to read ONE script - it doesn't matter how short they are. But 4? that's pushing it!

martin said...

Well, no harm in asking! ;)

So anyone up for reading ONE script of 7 - 10 pages?

far away said...

Ok just the one

martin said...

:) ta, t'other far away - I'll send you it tomorrow morning.

Robin Kelly said...

I have time now to Po3, if it's not too late.

martin said...

Cheers Robin, but I've had 3 reads on the 2 I'm going to submit, and into the rewriting now.

Ta though :)