Friday, 10 August 2007


Had all my PO3 feedback from OLI, JASON and PIERS. Big up to them. It was my first time, but they weren’t gentle with me! And I deserved it too - let’s just say amongst the lesser of many Spec Sins was the unforgivable use of the “well I thought that went well” clam. Oh yes, it was that bad. So slap on the wrist, and must do better.

I've done 2 PO3 reports myself, and it made me realise how much hard work Script Reading is. Or more accurately, how much hard work writing a report is, cos I actually enjoyed the scripts, so god knows what it‘s like wading through dull or badly written scripts day after day. And I didn’t even have to do the synopsis, which according to Mr Stacks is the hardest part!

Anyway, that script has been put back on the cyber shelf for now, I’m going to plan b for red planet. Someone said that first drafts are often “stupid drafts,” and I know I can improve it, but it’s a question as to whether I want to develop that idea, or work on something else?

Meanwhile, I’m working on my Digital Shorts proposals. I’ve got 2 (very) rough drafts so far and a few ideas at various stages, so big week of that next week if I‘m to get to my goal of 4 first drafts by the end of next week.



potdoll said...

good luck with that goal Martin!

The far away said...

BTW like the new blue look

Robin Kelly said...

Nice pretty colour background but could it be a bit lighter though or the text darker? I don't mean to be picky.

martin said...

Ta all, shorts are going well, got two planned out ready to write tomorrow.

How about now, RK? Too much red??

Robin Kelly said...

It's certainly...distinctive. It leaves a lasting impression.

martin said...


Unless thats just a polite way of saying "ah my eyes! My beautiful eyes!!" ;)

Lucy said...

Argh; synopses must die. Don't do them often these days, except for screen agencies.

Have you got a date for submission for Digital Shorts Mart?? Have I missed it??? Tell me tell me tell me tell me plllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeee!

martin said...

I'm just going by the post on yr blog, so you know more than me!! they still havent got anything on thier website. E mailed them, so watch this space again.

And welcome to Dorset for Monday!