Thursday, 23 August 2007


Okay, here goes - you have to imagine you're in a particular kind of movie, and what your soundtrack will be.

The deal is, you have to come up with five types of film (or use these ones below if you can't think of any) and tag five other other people. Here's mine:

Rom Com - Don’t like rom com much, unless we’re talking Sturges, Capra, Hawks - those guys knew how to add a bit of snap and sass to make the soppiness bearable. But I fucking love Let’s Take a Chance by Lisa Richards, it‘s the only song I know that can bring a tear to my eye just about every time I here it. It’s on Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasures Vol 2 and if you ever get the, er , chance to hear it, then it’ll blow you away.

Contemporary Action Thriller - Elephant Stone by The Stone Roses - always saw this soundtracking a chase sequence, probably involving people running through back alleys. A track that‘d make Neighbours seem sexy and exciting. The Peter Hook produced version, obviously, not the lame John Leckie re-mix.

Rites of Passage - The Saturday Boy by Billy Bragg. The story of my teenage years. Of course, I’m fine now. (see also Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jnr. Or Catch by the Cure. Or Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by the Smiths. Or Temptation by New Order. Talking of whom…)

Sci Fi/ Space Opera - Ceremony by New Order. A song too big and too sad for this world alone.

Western - Like a Soldier by Johnny Cash - ‘cos I like it, and I could see it playing over the end of say, The Searchers or Shane. Come back Shane!!

I tag Stuart, Dan, Oli, Piers, and Will.


Lianne said...

Thank you for playing along! Nice choices too!

Oli said...

Hooray! Tagged I am:

Here we are.

Lucy said...

Nice choices Mart.

Piers said...

Got round to it in the end...