Thursday, 8 November 2007

Memed again!

From Lianne this time - pick a song that inspires you to write something, post the lyrics here and then post the video if you can.

I was going to talk about the sublime Hickory Wind by Gram Parsons. When I was at Uni, long ago and far away, I used to listen to a tape of GP/Grievous Angel when I couldn’t get to sleep. Hickory Wind was near the end of the second side, so if I was still awake when I got to it, then I knew I probably wouldn’t get to sleep. One of the lines in the song goes: “It's hard way to find out that trouble is real, In a far away city, with a far away feel” Hence the blog title.

However, there isn’t a decent version of that song on You tube, so instead, in Solidarity with our American colleagues, heeeeere’s Billy

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