Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Hello! Long time no blog, how the devil are you all?

I've been busy working on my metlab script. Almost finished the outline, so I'm going to start writing it next week. Met my script editor yesterday*, and she had this sage advice: "get writing, bitch!"

Had to get one of those job things - my redundancy money's nearly run out, so I've got an xmas job working on Wines and Spirits at Tesco. It's hard work this work lark, isn't it? Still gonna try to do 25 hours a week writing.

And finally, for those of you not on thier mailing list, The Screenwriters Festival have announced (drumroll) THE THIRD INTERNATIONAL SCREENWRITERS' FESTIVAL - TUESDAY 1st TO THURSDAY 3rd JULY 2008 They want your suggestions - so "whether it is a guest speaker you would like us to try and get or a session suggestion you feel should be covered or explored, please e-mail us at ."

If you didn't go and you want to know what you missed, or you did and want to wallow in nostalgia for the summer of '07, there's a review of this years festival here, (where they claim to know where I live!) and you can still watch the offical video blogs here, and blagging Andy's here - where you can play spot the Arnopp!

*actually went for a coffee with Lucy, Danny and Dom, but "met my script editor" sounds like I was working rather than skiving and listening to Lucy slagging off every film ever made ;)


Lucy said...

Now that's just hyperbole isn't it, it wasn't EVERY SINGLE FILM EVER MADE and anyway I believe I slagged off TV too until Danny banned me from slagging anything off thus rendering 90% of my general conversation dead in the water. Cruel man.

Jason Arnopp said...

A late congrats for metlab, sir! :)

Already gagging for Screenwriter's Festival 2008 - partly because no amount of self-organised writers' drink evenings will gather so many scribo-bloggers in one place!

Incidentally, do you realise that 99.999999% of your readers will be scratching their heads, going, "What the fuck's an Arnopp?"?

Dan said...

Right, I need 10 bottles of JD, 10 of Smirnoff and 5 cases of that cheeky Ch√Ęteau Neuf Du Plonk.

Tesco's loading bay. 10pm. See you there.

Jon Peacey said...

I've just realised that I'm on their mailing list and I've not heard anything... that's just sneaky!

Argh! They don't want me back!!!