Thursday, 26 February 2009


Get it Noticed - Get a Meeting - Get it Made

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FREE script meeting at SWF 2009

SCRIPTMARKET 2009 will open at 9.00am on Friday 27th February and will run until 5.00pm Thursday 30th April..

Even if you have written or optioned a great spec script, getting it noticed, getting feedback and getting meetings to progress it can be an uphill battle.

Script reports can be expensive and while you may resent some of the advice they give, feedback and script meetings are essential to the development of spec scripts in their journey to the screen.

Famous and successful Spec Scripts (a script speculatively written without a commission) include Joe Eszterhas' Basic Instinct, Shane Black's Lethal Weapon, M.Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense, Gregory Widen's Highlander, Stev Pavlou's The 51st State, Zach Helm's Stranger than Fiction and recently Nick Schnek’s Oscar nominated Gran Torino, which was more or less ignored by Hollywood until Clint E. got his mitts on it.

Great films like these can and do come from unknown or emerging writers and producers, but how do you get anyone to pay attention? Scriptmarket can help kick start the process. One meeting won't get your script into production but it can start the journey of getting your writing on screen. For some people the script report is their first exposure to industry feedback and criticism.

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