Friday, 28 November 2008

SWF 09!

Just in - the first details of SWF '09

bong! New Venue - Cheltenham Ladies' College.

bong! New Time slot - Monday 26th to Thursday 29th October 2009.

bong! New Format - Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th October (emphasis on workshops and interactive sessions) Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th October (emphasis on case studies and transferable skills)

bong! The Prices - Two Day Ticket - £199.00 - (£250.00 after 30/04/09) Four Day Ticket - £345.00 - (£395.00 after 30/04/09) On sale from 17.00pm Tuesday 9th December 2008.

more details here, or e-mail

So who's going??


Piers said...

October? Won't that be a little on the chilly side?

Er. Almost certainly.

But still. Brr.

Lee said...

You're kidding aren't you, PB? October was the only month this year we managed to have a bar-b-cue at our place. It was boiling.

Oh, and yerp. But where are we all staying?

Lucy said...

FINALLY it's at a sensible bloody time! July = madness! October is far less busy, with scribes more willing to pimp themselves out to unsuspecting producers. Yay! So yes, I'll go. Maybe.

Sara said...

Persoannly I prefer the warmer months, gives us all more chance to socialise (as if we need it!!).
I find the change of venue AND dates both at the same time just baffling.
I'm still volunteering this, in all probability.

martin said...

Piers and Sara- I'm sure there are reasons for October (maybe they're trying to avoid the flood season ;) and The Ladies College looks rather nice, don't you know.

Lee - It's quiet close to the center, so lots of hotels nearby! I know Kadinskies (or Natasha's to last years driving crew) is just round the corner. It's where a lot of the VIPs stayed, so probably expensive - I don't know if there's anywhere as cheap and cheerless as the travellodge!

Lucy - "scribes more willing to pimp themselves out to unsuspecting producers" Er...That explains the pink pimp hat

Sara - is that Sara B?? I'm sure I'll be there again too. See y'all there.

Paul Campbell said...


October? In a school? That's got to mean it's half term week.


You're making me choose between SWF and my children! I can't run off the Cheltenham when the kids are on half term!


martin said...

Not me guv, I only work there!

Besides, dont they have differnent half terms in diffferent parts of the country? So you might get lucky!

Jennifer said...

What? No Travelodge?? - I thought that was an integral part of the experience?!?

Jon Peacey said...

Oops. Arriving late to this...

I seem to recall that October was pretty awful down this way last year. (And how do you play croquet in the driving rain?)

Parking is a nightmare round that part of Cheltenham (for those that need it) and the poor motorist has to deal with the interminable one-way system.

Mind you the new venue will give me a chance to enter hallowed territory, the entrances of which I’ve passed so many times before. On my knees. I’ll have to remember not to tug my forelock too often.

martin said...

Jon - my first thought was "where will people park?" (actually it was second, after "It's nearer to the station" Sad, I know.)

Said one way system is indeed evil - designed by a committee chaired by De Sade and M C Escher! Tho I think if you're coming from the west, I think you just avoid it!

Jon Peacey said...

I am indeed coming from the West but they've altered the main road from that direction (narrowed, bus lanes, filled in bus stops, extra lights and crossings) and in morning rush hours it's causing chaos. Which was the Council's intention, of course!