Sunday, 5 October 2008

Title TBC

19 hours writing each of the last 2 weeks. After The September Splurge of writing for Rise and Red Planet deadlines, I’m starting the next draft of Technicolor for Metlab. I say starting, but the trouble is, no deadline pressure = no urgency. I kinda treading the fine line between research and planning, and just plain phaffing* about. Also, trying to resist the siren call Season’s 2 of Dexter and The Wire. Not always succeeding. Damn those are good shows!

I’m sure y’all already know about the books by Russell T Davis and Adrian Mead? Well, okay then. No need to be like that. I was Just checking. Jesus!

Whatever. **

* or is it faffing??
** sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please come back. You know I still love you.

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