Sunday, 27 July 2008

Writer’s Log, stardate 19.260708

Last week, I did…


I didn’t think I’d improve on last week - I had plans Thursday and Friday, but people bailed on me, so I had more writing time than I expected. Knowing I‘ll have to report back here has been a real motivation - it‘s certainly added a few hours when I was struggling in the middle of the week.

I work 6 till 2, and that helps. Even though it’s a really, really shitty job, it means I have the afternoons off which is great, especially this time of year. The downside is I’m too fucking knackered to do anything, but as the man so nearly said, feel the tiredness and do it anyway!

I’m writing to a deadline - so I’m motivated by fear of my slave driving script editor ; ) I don’t know if can keep this pace up - especially if means staying in on days like today, gazing out on that little tent of blue that writers with a deadline call the sky.

Must go, cos got more writing to do.



Piers said...

Good work, that man! Yay and Woo!

Michelle Goode said...

I know what you mean about working early and then being too worn out to write. In my case, I usually think about my writing and ideas all morning, getting really excited and eager to get home to actually put it all down on paper (well, the laptop)... Then I get home, eat loads of lunch, then flop down in a strange hypnotic state. That or I end up surfing the internet all afternoon, because the inspiration has passed and I'm procrastinating...