Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Okay, neglecting the blog again. It’s 430 AM and I can’t sleep, so a few random points.

Metlab - had a very productive meeting with Lucy and John, despite the odd (and I mean that in both senses of the word) suggestion about including more necrophilia from John! (He’s from Salisbury.) Got lots to go on, and I’ve done a rough draft of the new outline - it’s a page 1 rewrite unfortunately. Met the wonderful Chip and (very briefly) Elinor and the myterious and blogless Grant, and saw the Potdoll again (almost as briefly.) She's a lot less china-y in real life.

Having a short break from Technicolor to write my BSSC entry. I’ve got an animated short, so I’ll enter that too. Might enter 3 this year!

New Order Lyrics - Temptation is one of my favourite songs, and randomly look up the lyrics the other night, to find out they aren’t what I thought they are - or are they? Every lyrics site I looked at had more or less the same lyrics, for instance, the line I always hears as

From time to time, I find I've lost some meaning

I was a virgin to myself, I do believe

Is supposedly

From time to time, I find I've lost some need

That was urgent to myself, I do believe

Now listening again, it STILL sounds like the former. So are all the sites wrong? Are they all plagiarising each other? Or is it me?? The thing is, if I’d read in 4 books that the lyrics were not what I thought they were then I‘d believe them. It’s happened before (I misheard virtually all of the mighty White Man in Hammersmith Palais by the Clash, for example “It was Four Tops all night” became “it was fucked up all right“) but the thing is, with the internet I don’t know for sure.

All this information at your fingertips is great, but what use is it if you cant believe it? I came across the Wikipedia entry for the Screenwriter’s Festival too yesterday - I scrolled down, saw they had an entry for volunteers - Yey! I’m on wikipedia, I thought! But woe, the list is wrong - they’ve put the list of the first years volunteers in for both years. Fascists!

By the way, who’s going this year?? I probably am, probably as a volunteer. Which reminds me, I’ve got to get back to them.

Off to count some drinks now.


Jon Peacey said...

I sympathize with your non-sleeping thing... but I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one: I haven't had a decent night's sleep in over a week. I think it may be some cunning plan by the universe to try and kill me! :)

Is there a big connexion between Salisbury and necrophilia? Is it a stone circle thing???

You would be right to treat internet lyrics sites with caution (and indeed all internet sites). I use them to get an overview of lyrics but I don't tend to trust them overly. The tip-off that most of them plagiarise each other was when I started noticing the same mistakes recurring, particularly spelling and punctuation. Some give a list of contributors at the end and some have '????' where nobody knows the actual words (esp. with Industrial bands' lyrics) and these gaps recur time and again on different sites. I try and find an official site or damn good fan site (the older ones tend to be linked into the artist themself: Ministry's oldest fan site has lyrics given them by the band and Dot Allison's official site started as her fan site).

This seems to be listed as a semi-official New Order site with lyrics for New Order's Temptation. Please tell me if I'm teaching you how to suck eggs!

martin said...

Ta for the link JP - that says it's something else entirely! I still prefer my version.

and with me it's less not sleeping, more having to get up at an ungodly hour for work. But I used to suffer from imsomnia when I was at uni, so I understand - try doing something for an hour then trying to sleep again, rather than just laying awake - writing maybe. might not get you to sleep, but at least it'll make yr insomnia work for you.

Jon Peacey said...

I forgot to reply... half-man, half-sea cucumber, I guess.

Thanks for the advice on the sleeping: I'm sleeping better. Not perfect but better.It was those nights of high-winds that caused the perturbation...

I forgot to mention that, in answer to the question, I do intend to try and get me along to the Screenwriter's Festival. It would be stupid not to... it's held about ten miles down the road from where I live.