Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Finished my splurge draft of Technicolor. Hoorah!

Turned out to be 75 pages in the end, so could have been worse (It was looking like I was going to struggle to reach 60 a one point!) The protagonist receives a lot of information in the first scene, so if I can make him work for that more, then I should be able to expand it without just padding it out too much. Gonna have some time off* for the rest of the week, then rewrite the 1st act and polish to get it ready for January 8th deadline.

I cheated and went back and (gasp) polished it as I was going a bit, which actually helped give me some momentum - I suppose the trick is to not overdo it and get bogged down with the polishing. I’m quiet happy with it at the mo. It’s rough, but I think all the work I did beforehand on story has paid off. Falling down on character a bit, as usual, but the thrill and shocks and sex are there - It’s definitely an 18! (John wanted it to be an 18 for commercial reasons - and it is being edited by Lucy!!)

* time off from writing that is, gonna be lugging several tons of beer in that time!!

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Elver said...

Yay! Congrats, dude! :D