Saturday, 30 June 2007

Any Questions?

I'm working as a runner at the Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival this year, and I was thinking of questions I could ask the delegates if I get the chance, so I thought I'd throw it open to the blogosphere.

If you're not going, and you have any questions you want to ask any of the delagates, (the likes of Ashley Pharoah, Stephen Frears, Tony Jordan, Chris Smith - see the festival website for a full list.) or any questions you'd like to ask of Industry pros in general, then post below (preferably by Sunday evening) and I'll see what I can do.

Can't promise anything, but I'll try to get you some answers!


potdoll said...

Yo. I'd like to know why Ashley Pharoah gave up his dream to write for film, (or if he didn't).

And I'd like to know what Chris Smith is going to do next and if he prefers writing and directing his own stuff more than directing a script written by someone else.


martin said...

I will see what I can do potters. Where did you get that Ashley Pharoah wanted to write film?

I'll try to get on the net at some point, but have fun in your far away city and watch out for those headless horses!

Anne of Cleves said...

Ask them if they'd like to get together with a group of us for a drink. Perhaps join the Shooting People's gathering that Andy's setting up. By the way, when is that, anyone know?
I'm here in Cheltenham now - what a pretty town.
Are you here yet, Martin?